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    • Original Music CDs

      Arrangement CDs



      Price: $US 20.00

      The Glass Armonica — the Music and the Madness (Book)

      The glass armonica is a musical instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1761. It works on the wet finger around the wine glass idea. Very popular in Europe, even Mozart and Beethoven composed for it.  

      But almost immediately it developed an uncanny reputation for both Good and for Ill: Franz Mesmer used his armonica to ‘mesmerize’ his patients, while others said it caused nervous disorders and even convulsions in your pets.  Yet, glass music in general and the glass armonica in particular also seem to have attracted an inordinate number of geniuses great and small who were gripped by the ‘divine madness’ which is the source of all great Science and Art.  

      In The Glass Armonica: the Music and the Madness we meet these ‘divine lunatics’, and discover the extraordinary way their lives were touched by glass music, as well as their own equally extraordinary contributions to its ongoing story, beginning with the Kama Sutra through the demise of glass music in the mid-19th century.

      ISBN 978-1-940630-00-7
      342 pages

      Price: $US 10.00

      Musical Gematria (Book)

      In modern times we are accustomed to one set of characters for writing words (the alphabet ‘A’ through ‘Z’) and another for writing numbers (the digits ‘0’ through ‘9’). The ancient Greeks and Hebrews, however, used the alphabet for both words and numbers. So their numbers looked like strange words, and their words looked like strange numbers. And every word naturally had a numeric value. The study of these numeric values of words is called ‘gematria’ (”geh-MAY-tree-uh”).

      The ancients put gematria to use: they apparently used numeric values of the names of Greek gods as dimensions in the Parthenon. And Jewish mystics in the Middle Ages studied the meanings of the numeric values of the Hebrew names of God.

      This book presents a way of doing ‘musical gematria’ that takes words or phrases in general and names in particular, and generates graceful and musically useful themes. It uses an elegant method that honors the ancient traditions of gematria while incorporating modern insights

      ISBN:  978-1-940630-02-1
      45 pages


      Price: $US 15.00

      Serene Universe (DVD)

      Do you look up on a clear night and gaze in wonder on the stars deep into the Universe? They provoke inspiration and awe, a moment of calm, quiet, and peace in our hectic world.Serene Universe combines the awe of the Universe with these healing moments of serenity. It is a unique one hour film experience in which images and music are intimately intertwined. Starting on our beautiful planet, Serene Universe takes you slowly above the Earth, into the Solar System, the Galaxy, Deep Space and finally your inner space.

      Serene Universe was produced in partnership with Maarten Roos of LightCurve Films: Maarten produced the video and William produced the film score.

      Price: $US 15.00

      In Search of the Philosopher's Stone (CD)

      In Medieval and early Renaissance alchemy, the Philosopher's Stone was a substance “as hard as stone and soft as wax”. And it's found everywhere, yet unrecognized—hidden in plain sight. With it you could turn lead into gold, enjoy eternal youth, and achieve spiritual 'enlightenment'.  Aren't each of us searching for our own Philosopher's Stones to transform the challenges we face into Happiness? Scored for glass armonica and symphony orchestra, In Search of the Philosopher's Stone portrays our quest to transform the Lead all around — and within us — into Gold, with music that is peaceful and ennobling.

      Price: $US 15.00

      A World With No Tears (CD)

      A World With No Tears (for solo piano) takes you to a place of majestic serenity, a place of nobility, passion, and peace. Composed and performed by William Zeitler for solo piano, A World With No Tears transports you to a magical place where your cares are remembered no more.

      Price: $US 15.00

      Music of the Spheres (CD)


      "Peacefully float through the stressful times of your day "

      Music of the Spheres (for glass armonica and harp) is inspired by an ancient musical concept of the Universe. The journey begins at Earth, and travels through the planets to the Great Beyond. Passionate and mystical, this album revels in the wonders of the Cosmos. Music of the Spheres incorporates a year of my research into ancient musical symbolism, and portrays the soul's journey from Earth into the realm of God.

      Great as a background for your next dinner party, enhancing creativity while working, or staying calm on your stressful commute.

      Price: $US 15.00

      Songs From Earth (CD)


      "Ideal for Yoga, Massage or drifting off to Sleep "

      Songs from Earth (for glass armonica, strings, and other gentle instruments) envelops you in serenity, and gently guides you to a feeling of deep inner peace. There is wisdom in rejuvenating through relaxation and each song takes you to a deeper level. Ideal for yoga, massage or "bubble bath", you can also just drift blissfully off to sleep at the end of your day.

      Many have written to us that they purchased this album to help them go to sleep and haven't yet made it to the end of the album!

      Price: $US 15.00

      Elegy For Atlantis (CD)


      "Inspired by an Ancient Mythical Land"

      Elegy for Atlantis (for glass armonica and synthesized orchestra) inspires the romantic imagination that this ancient mythical land. Atlantis must have been an incredible place (or an incredible idea) for its memory to survive lo these many millenia. What would it be like to visit Atlantis in the imagination when it was at its apex?

      Elegy for Atlantis portrays the grandeur and magic of this mythic land that resonate to this day.

      Price: $US 15.00

      Midwinter Phantasy (CD)

      Midwinter Phantasy (for glass armonica and chamber orchestra) is like sitting in your favorite cozy chair, by a fire in the fireplace, on a beautiful winter day. It's a mixture of less-well-known Christmas songs with really lovely melodies, and original music by William in the same spirit. Midwinter Phantasy is a holiday album you can still enjoy in June!

      Price: $US 15.00

      Gothic Christmas (CD)

      (Features pipe organ, the Transylvania Vampire Choir, and a dread host of others) Count Bachula (666-?) is the not-so great-great-great...great grand-uncle of the famous composer J.S. Bach―on the Transylvania side of the family. Count Bachula and his music have recently been unearthed. William Zeitler traveled to Transylvania to record the Count performing some of his holiday favorites on the mighty pipe organ at Castle Bachula, accompanied by the Transylvania Vampire Choir (directed by Dr. Van Helsing), Quasimodo on bells, and a dread host of others. This is a Holiday album that is sure to have you and yours howling for more!

      Price: $US 15.00

      Crystal Christmas (CD)


      Crystal Christmas (for glass armonica and harp) will become your seasonal favorite as well as Your family tradition! The sounds of the glass armonica are a perfect match for Christmas carols, and if you enjoy holiday music we guarantee that you'll find this recording absolutely enchanting.

      Twenty of your favorites, including Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy , Carol of the Bells, Greensleeves, and O Holy Night. Magical!

      Price: $US 15.00

      Hymns for the Heart (CD)


      (For glass armonica and harp) Complete inspiration! Twenty of your favorite Gospel hymns — including Amazing Grace and In the Garden — which so eloquently express "the peace which passes all understanding."

      There are no vocals, and all the hymns are played in keys that are easy for you to sing or hum along.