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  • 2012 September 30: Why Preludes?

    September 30, 2012 10:30

    Plato (c.424-348 B.C.E.) said that there were three Primary Virtues: Truth, Goodness and Beauty, and all other virtues derive from these. Many philosophers and theologians since Plato have found this idea useful. ’Truth’ would apply to mathematics, philosophy and theology as well as ’mundane’ (from the Latin word ’mundus’ — ’the world’) truth like history and science. ‘Goodness’ is how we treat each other, and ‘Beauty’ is, well, Beauty. Clearly these are also primary attributes of God. (more )

  • 2012 September 23: Young Bach

    September 23, 2012 10:30

    Bach was born in 1685 into a very musical family, but found himself orphaned at 9 years old. He made his way to adulthood with a combination of relatives and music scholarships to boarding schools, getting musical instruction here and there as he could. In his early 20’s he was establishing himself as the leading organist of the German speaking world (basically the Holy Roman Empire — what is now Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc.), and was working his way up the corporate — I mean courtly ladder — working for increasingly illustrious and wealthy princes. But in 1820, at age 35, ‘life happened’ and all that changed. (To be continued...) (more )

  • 2012 September 16: A World With No Tears

    September 16, 2012 10:30

    The Bible begins in Genesis with the Garden of Eden containing the Tree of Life, and ends in Revelation with another Tree of Life in the New Jerusalem, where God will 'wipe away every tear'. In between is the cataclysmic drama of the Fall, and all that it takes to make everything whole again (culminating with Christ on the Cross). There is yet so much work to be done, looking forward to a day when there are no more tears. Isn't that our true task as the Body of Christ? (more )

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