January 6, 2013: Couperin's Alarm Clock

January 06, 2013 22:53

Le Réveille-Matin (“The Alarm Clock“) François Couperin (1668-1733)

'Alla Turca' from Piano Sonata No. 11 Wolfgang A. Mozart (1756-1791)

Couperin himself tells the story of a sonata he wrote early in his career:

“Knowing the greed of the French for foreign novelties, and lacking in self confidence, I pretended that a relative of mine in the service of the King of Sardinia had sent me a sonata by a recent Italian composer. I rearranged the letters of my own name into an Italian one [Coperuni or Pernucio], which I used instead. The sonata was devoured eagerly. I wrote others, and my Italianized name brought me much applause under this disguise.“

Couperin went on to have a successful career as a composer in Paris—using his own name!

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