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  • 2019 December 15: "Of the Father's Love Begotten"

    December 14, 2015 10:30

    The theme for this Advent season is 'wonder', so I thought a series of preludes based on ancient Christmas hymns might be a worthy contribution: these older hymns tend to emphasize the Mystery of Christmas more than modern ones (in my humble opinion), and there's something wonder-full about a Christmas song that is millennia old — what other music from the 10th century do we still sing on a regular basis? (more )

  • 2018 November 17: Open My Eyes

    November 17, 2015 10:30

    In 1856 (age 15), Scott attended the first Music Institute held in Chicago by the then well-known C.M. Cady. By 1859 (age 18), she was teaching music at the Ladies' Seminary in Lyons, Iowa. She married Henry Clay Scott in 1861 (née Scott — her husband conveniently already had the same last name). In 1882 she published her Royal Anthem Book, the first volume of choir anthems published by a woman. Horatio R. Palmer, an influential church musician in Chicago and later New York City, was a source of encouragement for Scott, and helped her publish many of her songs. In 1895 "Open My Eyes" was published and became her best-known hymn. In 1896 she published a book called Truth in Song for Lovers of Truth. (more )

  • 2015 November 15: Bach & Pedagogy

    November 15, 2015 10:30

    It was pointed out to me on Reformation Sunday that "you know, the organ can be played quietly too," to which I replied "Not on Reformation Sunday!" Meanwhile, I thought I'd play an organ piece on the soft end of the musical loudness spectrum. (Neener neener!) (more )

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